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might be a little inactive bc college

Identity Questioning
Colon Cancer Awareness
Depression Awareness
I will listen

trying to deal with 'post-concert depression.'

a bunch of larry fics while also trying to write one for a fic exchange i am very very busy

me: [sarcastic] wow harry styles is writing all of these love songs i wonder who he’s writing them about???

mom: he’s probably writing them about his secret love affair with louis.

clearly i’ve taught her well

Title: I Love You
Artist: Alex & Sierra


 #sass #ass #class

Harry in a banana suit 🍌



julian totally did this on purpose there is no way he’s just gonna blast the music and not expect someone to walk by and record it. this feels really intentional.

one direction tag game


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  • zayn
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yoooo if you have ello, my username is apocalouptic!